Eagle Scout Projects

Projects available for Eagle Scouts or Girl Scout Gold Awards

Garden Projects:

Pollinator Garden

This garden not only feeds important pollinators such as butterflies and bees but shares a wonderful opportunity to educate the public about planting native plants to support wildlife. Because of many factors such as pesticide use and loss of habitat, many honeybees, native bees, monarch and other butterflies populations are declining. Plants such as milkweed, Sassafras, spicebush and more will highlight not only nectar plants but also important host plants for butterflies. This garden is to be located adjacent to the Codorus Creek stream that runs along the Freedom Green property. Part of the project will include a simple application to Monarch Watch to designate the garden as a Monarch Waystation. www.monarchwatch.org/waystations/certify.html


Bird Garden
To be located behind the Heritage Museum, this garden will feature native plants important for feeding and/or nesting birds as well as a birdhouse. This garden will be an environmental education tool used to highlight plants that homeowners can plant in their own yards to support bird populations. Part of the project will include a simple application to the Audubon Society or the National Wildlife Federation to certify the garden as a natural habitat.

Bird Garden

Mosaic Walkway
Involve the community in this very creative project. Children and families in New Freedom and surrounding areas will be invited to create a mosaic stepping stone (for a set donation) to be used as a walkway adjacent to the Codorus Creek Stream.


Outdoor Game Tables
Let’s play some games! Build two tables with checker/chess boards with accompanying two or four seats.

(Photo is an example of and table/seating design and may not depict actual design)

If you are a scout and are interested in pursuing any of these projects, please call or email Sue at 717-586-7410 or digsit@hotmail.com.