Food & Beverage Vendor Application

Food Vendor Application 2024

Food vendors may supply their own QUIET generator in lieu of purchasing on-site electric. (Honda or equivalent) Sound levels must not be loud enough to interfere with adjacent vendors or music on stage!


If you are interested having your logo and/or picture included in marketing materials, please submit hi-res images below.



Applications are subject to approval by the Fest Planning Committee.


• The food vendor fee is $45.00 plus 15% of gross sales. A final sales report with the final percentage amount due shall be submitted to the New Freedom Heritage, Inc. authorized food vendor representative the day of the fest. Alternately, final payment may be paid by check and mailed to the to the PO Box before September 22nd. The final sales report, however, must be still submitted the day of the fest. All late payments are subject to late fees of 1.8% interest per month after the payment due date. We accept cash or checks for final payment.
• All shelters, tents, tables, chairs, signs, and merchandise are the vendor's responsibility and will not be provided by New Freedom Heritage, Inc.
• Please be prepared to comply with requests from New Freedom Heritage, Inc on the day of the event to ensure safety and smooth operation of the fest. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the fest without refund.
• New Freedom Heritage, Inc assumes no liability for injuries or damage occurring from the event under any circumstances. Vendors are responsible for providing their own liability and property insurance.
• Collection and submittal of sales tax is the vendor's responsibility.
• This is a rain or shine event.
• Vendors who cancel prior to June 1st may expect a refund. Cancellations after the due date will not result in a refund of the application fee.
• Please feel free to help advertise by listing the fest on your website or blog.


• New Freedom Heritage, Inc will publicize the event through local advertising, and other media outlets in Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.
• New Freedom Heritage, Inc will notify you at the email address provided in your application on the morning of the event if it becomes necessary to cancel the event for any reason.


By submitting this application form I certify that all information submitted in this application is true and correct and if found otherwise, vendor may be removed from the show.

After submission and review of your application, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions for payment.

Thank you very much!